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Abaco started as part of a university project. A market survey was conducted on how many people bought used text books.


We have a remarkable collection of old books, which includes text books, novels, short stories, poems and many more.

Abaco Libros Usados

We opened the store Abaco in 2008. By opening an online used book store we wanted to reach customers from all over the world. We have a wonderful collection of used books that will be appealing to readers of all generations.

Our store has different categories of books including novels, children’s books, fictions and text books. Many people often don’t buy books to read during their leisure time because of the high price of new books. We sell old books at half the price or new books or even less. This makes it affordable for many people to buy and read books.

We have a separate department to collect used books. Sellers who are interested in selling their books contact us. Our book experts first check the details of the book, for example, for the book “Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet” we checked its condition, the author, the type of book, etc. before buying the book from the seller. If you are interested in selling your books to us you can fill out our book submission form or email us your details.

We donate a portion of our books to charity. We believe that education and knowledge can bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Reading is a good habit. It allows you to gain knowledge and share your knowledge with others. By selling old books we also try to promote the habit of reading.

We have in our store books that date even date back to the previous century to books which have just been released. There are books of various categories. If you are looking for a particular book and couldn’t find it anywhere else, there is high chance that you will find it in our collection. So, go through our website to find books by your favorite authors.



We sell the best garage door opener in the United States, and funnily enough Abaco Libros Usados has helped us grow our business with its incredible books. We recommend it to all out friends and clients.

Carleton University Used Books

Textbooks for Sale!
$1 - Carleton University

Message for prices!

Selling the following:

- Criminal Law in Canada: Rebecca Bromwich 5th edition. SOLD

-Labour and Employment Law 8th edition: Labour Law Casebook Group

-Philosophy of Human Rights: Hayden SOLD

-HUMR 1001 coursepack: Davorka Ljubisic

-Thinking About Criminal Justice: O'Regan and Reid

- New Society 7th ed: Robert Brym

-Introduction to Legal Studies 4th ed: Kazmierski and Kuzmarow

- Introduction to Public Law: Nick Milanovic

-Eichmann in Jerusalem: Arendt SOLD

-Mr. Big: Keenan and Brockman

-Feminisms Matter: Bromley

-Private Law Social Life: Atkinson and Sargent
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Commerce books
1. Understanding Canadian Business 8th edition(50)
2. Global Business Today 4th edition($70)
3. Introduction to business Information Systems3rd edition($70)
4. Management Accounting 1st edition($40)
5. Organization Theory & Desigh 3rd edition($80)
6. Economics books(Micro and Macro)Both text books and Study Guide(4 books $80)
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First year Criminology and Film Studies TextBooks

Introduction to Film Studies & Understanding Movies (together $50)

Understanding Crime in Canada Introduction to Criminology ($50)
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Carleton engineering books
$1 - Ottawa, Ontario

Thermodynamics 1
Mechanic's 1
Private message for price
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Criminology, psychology, sociology textbooks and others
FREE - Ottawa South

-Due process and victims rights by Kent Roach
-Goth, games, & Grrrls by Haenfer (second ed)
-SOLDReadings in deviant behavior by Terrel Meier
-Learning Canadian criminal law BOTH 11th and 12th edition by Stuart, Coughlan and Delisle
-Forensic psychology by Puzzolo, Bennel (third ed)
-Psychology of criminal behaviour (first ed)
-Criminology by Tim newburn (second ed)
-Fundamentals of addiction by Herie and Skinner
-The Broadview introduction to literature by chalykoff, Gordon, and lumsden (concise edition)
-The Broadview guide to writing sixth edition
-HUMR1001B booklet Davorka Ljubisic (from winter 2016 term)
-Things fall apart by chinua achibe
-Understanding death by Angela Sumegi
-All about language by blake
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Textbooks for the cheap

Looking to offload these cheap so
Busi 2101 $20
Econ 1001 both book and work book $20 (comes with 6 month help)
Psyc 1001 $10
Calculus $10
Law $30
Marketing mktg $20 (comes with 6 month online help)
Corporate finance textbook $30
Soci 1001 $20
Global business today $30
OT book $10
These are the best prices you will find for these books if you have a class next semester and see the book here get it now. If you have law or finance next sem just a heads up combined those books cost $300+
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$1 - Carleton University (Official)

WGST 1808 Gender and Women's Studies in Canada Communication Research Methods

COMS 2003 Reading Media Theory

COMS 2004 Communication Research Methods

Message for details!
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