How you can make money by selling old books?

Many people have loads of books stacked in their shelves that are hardly touched. One way to reduce the load and save spaces on the book shelves is by selling them. Selling old books can be a profitable business. Some people are earning there living by selling old books. There are some interesting ways you can sell old books. These are:

  • There are many sites like eBay and Amazon where you can sell used books. You may require opening an account on these sites before you can sell your books.
  • You can have your own site to sell book. Develop a simple website or blog and start promoting it on social sites. Make sure you do the necessary packaging and ship the books quickly to their new owners once you sell used books through your site.
  • Sell used books on a summer market. Many people, usually students and even other used book traders come to summer market to purchase used books. You can sell many of your used books in such summer market.

Before selling the books, you need to make a list of the books you have on stock for sale and decide on their prices. Make sure that they are in good and readable condition. Keep the best sellers on top of your book stack or list so that buyers get the attention. First impression of selling is very important. If the buyer is satisfied with the whole process, he or she will buy from you often in future.

Should you buy new or used books?

New books smell good but used books save your money. New books are worth buying if you wish to keep it on your bookshelf for a long and read again and again. For all other reasons, it is better to buy used books. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • They are affordable. Most used books cost half the price or even less than a new book. There are many books which we read only once and it is not wise to spend so much money on it.
  • Used book stores have some rare collection of books that you won’t find in a normal book store. If you are fond of ancient books then you should visit a used book store.
  • Used bookstores usually organize different community readings or literacy programs to promote reading. These events will help you to meet different people and share your thoughts about the various books you have read.
  • The new edition of a book usually doesn’t have much difference than the previous edition. So, it’s better to buy the older edition and save money.
  • Old books may have margin notes which can be entertaining to read. It can give you different perspective of what you are reading.
  • You can pass the book without any hesistance to someone else for reading. This way you can create a reading community.
  • You protect the environment by buying old books.  The cost of landfill can be big; buying used book is like recycling it.

If you have the option, buy an old book provided it’s in a good condition. The used book stores help building a community where people can share their thoughts and develop reading habits. Buy buying an old book you can be part of this noble mission.