Rosemary DayAbaco started as part of a university project. A market survey was conducted on how many people bought used text books. The result was remarkable and that’s when the idea of Abaco was planted.

New books are of course great to read, but old books are also appealing. People usually buy old books for two reasons; one because they are cheaper than the new ones, and two, because some books are no longer available in the market as limited number of books was published.

Though Abaco began its journey by selling used university text books, we now sell books of all categories. Every day we buy nearly 500 books. Many people sell books to us. Our inventory of used books is quite huge. When buying used books we make sure that the books are in good condition so that the buyer feels satisfied after buying these books.

We have now become one of the best sellers of used books. As the prices of books have increased, many people now prefer buying used books. Used books are particularly popular among students. Those who are fond of books that have been published a long time back are also our regular customers. If you are fond of buying used books then please visit us!